How to Create a Miniature Fairy Garden

A simple tutorial on creating a beautiful, long lived miniature fairy garden. A great project for both kids and adults alike!

Unfinished Miniature Fairy Garden

Supplies for Creating a Miniature Fairy Garden

* A decorative or plain terracotta dish.

* Well draining, good quality potting soil.

* Slow release fertilizer

* Silica (water) crystal (optional – but recommended)

* Small leafed plants (try looking for weeds in your lawn!)

* Bonsai tree (optional but recommended)

Planting the Miniature Fairy Garden

After adding potting soil to the desired depth start placing the plants in an appealing manner. There really is no wrong way to do it; but staggering different heights really makes the garden seem more “real”. Even weeds from a person’s yard can seem like a unique centerpiece plant in a small miniature garden.

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How to Underplant a Bonsai

This is an easy to follow tutorial on creating an outstanding bonsai display with various tiny plants and other natural additions.

Newly Planted Bittersweet Female Bonsai

Preparing the Soil for a Bonsai Under Planting

A good loamy soil mix is ideal for most plants one chooses to grow; cacti and other such flora will need a well draining, sharp sandy mix. Cover the drainage holes in each pot with broken pieces of clay pots or durable screen patches. Add the soil halfway to the top of the pot and pack down well.

Next, arrange each plant in an attractive manner adding hills of soil and deepening any holes as needed. Keep in mind that an entirely flat planting will detract from most arrangements. The goal is to create a real looking landscape; something one would find in nature or a person’s garden.

Finish adding the soil around each plant, pack in, and water well with a water-soluble fertilizer. Do not pack the soil too tightly.

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