About Jocelyn Burke

The Author, Jocelyn Burke. This is my first attempt at a “real” blog account. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions. Rate my  articles and other posts if you wish. This system along with your comments will help me understand what you want to read the most while surfing the Internet. Please keep your comments at a “G” rating as this is a Christian blog and my Grandparents and Mother read the posts! 

The Author, Jocelyn Burke

Jocelyn Burke is a freelance writer who shares her knowledge of gardening, child care, family, living on a budget and do-it-yourself projects with her readers. On a more personal level, she shares her heart through lyrical poetry that she writes and vocals of gospel, country and a little rock-n-roll with all who know her.

The Author, Jocelyn Burke

Mrs. Burke is also an accomplished artist working in oils, watercolor, acrylics, charcoal and chalk. Her paintings have sold around the United States; most notably at The Country Store Gallery in Austin, TX. When the weather is nice, and sometimes not so nice, she takes her camera on long walks where she captures the magnificence of nature along the way. These photographs are used to create her paintings.


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